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Still Pure Natural Soap Bars with Essential Oils

soap bars

natural soap bars | 100 g+ e 3.53 oz

Not only are our soap bars made from entirely natural, botanical, pure ingredients, but they are unique in that they don’t just clean, they moisturise while they clean.
Added to a base of olive oil, coconut oil & organic unrefined shea butter, each soap is “super-fatted” with exceptional moisturising, natural, cold pressed oils such as baobab, marula, jojoba, rose hip and many more.
gently fragranced with pure essential oils.
Safe for use by vegans and all members of the family, even those with very sensitive skin. try them, you’ll soon settle for nothing else!

  • soap bars

    Enviro Soap Pack

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  • soap bars

    Nude Bar (Fragrance-free)

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