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based in the beautiful winelands of the western cape, south africa, our still pure family has been partnering with local farmers to grow or sustainably wild harvest essential oil plants for us since 2005. we then oversee the distillation process and buy the oils back from them. having traceability of our oils from seed to bottle means consistently superb quality oils and, with no middlemen, the oils remain affordable for the end-user. more recently we began searching out rural community upliftment projects who could sustainably harvest seeds from indigenous trees and plants, such as baobab, marula and kalahari melon, and cold press the precious oils they contain. using these essential oils and cold pressed lipid oils, along with other natural, locally sourced ingredients, we have created a range of exceptional botanical products for body and home, with a distinctive african accent.

why we consider our products to have a clear conscience….

caring for our planet, caring for you!

all our products are made with natural, botanical ingredients, which are wherever possible organically certified.
no artificial fragrances or colours are used – and no petroleum based bi-products, detergents or any other man-made chemicals.
our products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals, aside from beeswax which is sustainably harvested from local hives.
we vehemently oppose any testing on animals.
we ensure all our raw ingredients are being produced sustainably without a negative effect on the environment or local communities. (our products are palm oil free.)
our products are biodegradable and will not harm our environment or water ways.
all our packaging is recyclable.

handmade by us… and only by us!

the recipes and production of all of our products are lovingly created from scratch by ourselves, right here in the riebeek valley since our inception in 2005.
all of our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure consistent quality.
the only ‘guinea pigs’ we use to try out our new products are willing and enthusiastic friends and family members.
we listen carefully to any and all feedback on our products from customers and hugely appreciate all compliments, success stories and suggestions.
the only out-sourcing we insist on are laboratory tests on all new batches of oil and other raw ingredients to check for any traces of impurities.

community support

we source our raw ingredients close to home to support local communities and keep our carbon footprint small.
we seek out upliftment projects to buy raw ingredients from, even if it means paying more for the product.
our products are handmade with love. by not mechanizing our production, we ensure jobs for members of our local community and the teaching of skills.
in the spirit of ubuntu, we donate products as often as possible to all sectors of our community, including schools, homes for the elderly, new mothers in need and care packages for victims of physical abuse.
“making a buck is easy. making a difference is what really counts.”

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