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Rosemary Verbenone - Still Pure Essential Oils South Africa

Rosemary Verbenone

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Rosemary is loved for its energizing, herbaceous scent.

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Rosemary  rosmarinus officinalis verbenone

Main Qualities: Antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant, insect repellent.

Helps to: Relieve pain, stimulate the mind, promote new cell growth, encourage fluid loss by promoting urination, stimulate menstruation, raise blood pressure, strengthen liver and nervous system, stimulate the immune system, produce warmth and redness when applied to the skin, generally stimulates and clears the mind, energises the emotions.

Can Benefit: Aching, overtired muscles, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, sports injuries, sprains, strains ♦ acne, bruises, chilblains ♦ apathy, exhaustion (mental & physical), fainting, stress-related ailments ♦ catarrhal conditions, colds, coughs, fever, flu, sinusitis ♦ cellulite, fluid retention, low blood pressure, poor circulation, varicose veins ♦ constipation, flatulence, liver & gall bladder problems ♦ dandruff, hair loss, head lice ♦ headaches

How to Use: Bath, compress, hair care, insect repellent, room fragrancer, skin-care preparations, steam inhalation.

Warnings: Not suitable in pregnancy or for people suffering from high blood pressure.



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